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Long and healthy relationships

We do have a credit market permit from FSA and other governmental institutions and always follow their terms and conditions. And unlike many competitors, we think long-term about our business and products. We want a long and healthy relationship with you as a customer. Therefore, our loans should not act as an artificial respiration for companies in crisis - they will help you develop.

We want to be your partner and can customize the terms according to your circumstances. We accept most types of security, such as corporate subscriptions and mortgages in real estate. If you want to lower the price further, we will accept the deposit.

We are not like the bank (or any other loan provider, for that matter)

At Quick Loans, we are experts in business finance for small and medium-sized companies. But even though we do the same things as the bank, we are no directors, we are entrepreneurs.

We believe in innovation, not misplaced tradition. We act instead of discussing. We see opportunities where others only see obstacles. We see man when others only see numbers. With us you get a partner, someone to develop with. Here and now. Because we have removed the circumscribed, difficult and difficult. Where is it simple, fast and personal. And it has made us all but a bank.

But even though we are faster, easier and more flexible than the old banks, we will never be able to worry about it. We have a credit market permit from Finansinspektionen and are affiliated with the National Debt Collection Deposit Guarantee. And unlike many competitors, we are not profiting from artificial respiration for companies in crisis.

We think long-term. We know that over time, it's a better business to help businesses grow and entrepreneurs reach their full potential. And because we want a long and healthy relationship with you, we play with open cards.

We believe in transparency and mutual respect. On partnership and cooperation. Therefore, we will never force you to get out of silly agreements. Our agreements are simple and they have no bindings.

You cooperate with us because you want - not because you have to.

A business loan and quick financing

Borrowings for non-financial corporations have varied over time. Depending on how the credit rating from the banks has looked, companies have had different ways of getting loans. Loan development has historically followed the business cycle, but with some lag and issues on the way.

Sometimes you need a temporary credit as an entrepreneur. For you as a customer with invoice purchases or invoice loans, you have the opportunity to make a necessary investment or that the business has a seasonal variation with liquidity peaks and valleys. We understand your need for working capital to address the company's daily challenges.

A highly appreciated and common solution is a corporate credit linked to a contract with invoice purchases. Usually with a maturity of 1-12 months. A solution that improves liquidity on two fronts. Terms of agreement are set on a case-by-case basis, depending on the conditions.

We are not like the bank

How do I apply for a quick business loan?

Well, you can always contact us directly or apply here!

Healthy situation when calculating the loan

Articles about small business financing

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